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Options of how to make a booking:

  • Use the form provided from the 'Booking' link above.

  • Call Andy on 07876 780946.

  • Find Harrogate Hot-Tubs on facebook and use Messenger.

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Prices held until July 2022


Four Bathing Days - Wednesday to Monday or Thursday to Tuesday


Days and Dates to suit customer


Days and Dates to suit the customer

ONE MONTH HIRE £450 (Including, drain, clean and refill after two weeks)

Days and dates to suit the customer

CHRISTMAS HIRE £180 (No increase from 2020)

Days to be announced

NEW YEAR HIRE £200 (No increase from 2020)

Days to be announced


Most of our customers, dislike it immensely when we come to collect the hot tub.

They've had such a good time, they want to keep hold of it.

Molly had her own idea

She decided to make a stand and her idea was that if she popped back in the tub we couldn't take it away! 

Her plan worked a treat, even though we had to collect the tub, Mum booked again for Molly's birthday.

See you soon Molly.


Please note that the cost of replacement Gazebos has escalated dramatically as a result of the pandemic. 

As we do not charge for Gazebo hire, due to numerous recent losses and damaged stock, we must now reserve the right to withdraw the Gazebo if high winds are prevalent at the time of installation and/or forecast of gales.

We are eager for everyone to have a great time whilst also protecting their privacy, however, because of our pricing structure it simply is not cost effective to provide a Gazebo when the weather indicates we may suffer damage or loss.

In such adverse conditions we may leave a Gazebo and instructions, with the option for the customer to erect should the weather conditions improve.

We will ALWAYS try to work with the customer to find a compromise or solution but basically the bottom line is that all damages will be charged at  market value.

To all customers old and new, I trust you are all safe and well. I have decided after numerous costly failures and poor quality products that have been supplied to drop the option of solar powered lights inside any gazebos hired alongside your hot tubs... 

Booooo! I hear you say, but wait, because as always we are aiming to improve our service by upgrading our 'In Gazebo' lighting to a motorised, revolving, battery operated Disco light as seen here.

I know, I know, we're just too inexpensive, but I guess we'll have to live with that for now.

Please note that all ancillaries and additional items provided are subject to availability and at busy periods may not always be available.

Please note ESN Ltd. will continue to comply with governmental legislation with regard to the Coronavirus pandemic.

There will be no physical contact and social distancing will be adhered to at all times. I would like all payments to be made in advance and by direct transfer if possible. Cash on the day in an envelope would be acceptable but not preferable.

Kind Regards,

Please stay safe and healthy,

Paul Underwood

For and on behalf of Harrogate Hot Tubs, ESN Ltd.

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Our inflatable hot tubs are of excellent quality and are designed to bring extra fun to any occasion perhaps a party, a barbecue, maybe even a surprise gift.

They are also a superlative way of relaxing of an evening in virtually any weather although we don't recommend that you bathe during a thunder and lightning storm. 

Choose a free a gazebo to protect you from the elements or decide against it to take in the wonders of the night sky, either way there's no better way to unwind after a long, stressful day.

6 Person Hot Tub

Beat the Weather

Don't forget those little treats

All of our hot tubs are of superior quality and 

we offer the following services included in the price.


Delivery & Set-Up

Gazebo (Weather reliant)

Revolving Mirror Ball

Clip on Drinks Holder

Inflatable Drinks Holders for Children

Foot Bath

Leaf/Insect Net

Filter & Chlorine Tablets

Tub Lock

All necessary items for self maintenance

£10 Discount on Future Hire